50th Episode – Grateful  | SURE Sales Group Show #50

50th Episode – Grateful | SURE Sales Group Show #50

August 23, 2019 0 By Luis Garrison

This is Andrew Undem of The SURE Sales
Group here on the show we talk about real estate sales negotiation marketing
entrepreneurship buying selling renting investing and what it’s taken us to grow
from two employees to twenty from thirty million in sales to a hundred thirty
million in sales in the last few years thanks for
watching hello welcome back to the SURE Sales Group Show episode 50 it’s a
special episode for us here because we’ve made it to 50 when I got started
doing this I was taking some advice from some of my personal mentors the do-more
video and now we’ve done 50 episodes so today I just wanted to give a shout out
to a lot of the guests who spent their time coming in and just answering
questions for us here on the show and a lot of these guys are not only friends
but my personal board of advisers so if you haven’t watched any of the past
shows there’s some good value some good content there I just want to get some
shout outs first guest was Tim Shotzberger of Homeland Well and Septic and
he explained everything about wells septic systems good guy great company
Tim Shotzberger thank you very much next Rob Weinhold an amazing executive
here in Baltimore amazing resume and he’s been a good mentor to me he’s the
one who actually really encouraged me to start doing video and he runs a really
successful firm the Fallston Group highly recommend checking them out and
finding a way to get a meeting with this guy unbelievable career he’s had and
he’s just so generous and thoughtful and wise he’s a good guy to know Rob
Weinhold thank you Barry Wright III high school classmate perhaps the
smartest guy I know this guy knows everything there is to know about video
marketing analytics computers data Barry thanks for coming on the show Brooke Kaine
prominent investor good friend brilliant real estate mind home builder private
money lender rehabber real estate investor a wealth of knowledge I could do 50 episodes with Brooke Kaine and we’d never run out of stuff to talk
about that guy loves real estate thank you Brooke one of my first mentors
Matthew Neuberger who runs the most successful Sandler selling franchise in
the country absolute stud he taught me how to sell with the
right principles him and his business partner Chad Prinkey of Neuberger and
Company Chad’s a dear friend thank you guys both so much for coming on the show
and continuing to help me for the last nine years thank you guys
Neil Junker here’s a guy who knows everything there is to know about
Baltimore City & County tax credits call him often trying to figure out what’s
going on with CHAP historic renovations everybody in Baltimore knows this guy
because he’s the one who knows how to navigate the Tax Credit System in
Baltimore City in Baltimore County thanks Neil for coming on the show
Brandon Hall entrepreneur runs a CPA firm bounce ideas off him all the time
brilliant accountant Brandon Hall Todd Mummert one of the owners of coastal
lending group phenomenal mortgage broker he’ll probably come back on the show
Thank You Todd same with Mark Peay one of the number one mortgage loan officers
for suntrust mortgage who pioneered the doctor loan program thanks Mark and Todd
our mortgage wizards you just always get it done
I mentioned Chad my good buddy and then most recently we had Brad Crist who owns
SBC Landscaping Brad thanks for coming on the show check out Brad’s Facebook
page he’s been doing a ton of killer video content Brad you’re the man look
forward to having you build me some cool stuff in my backyard we talked about
that Alex Trakhtman owner of Xander Homes go to his website XanderhomesMD.com
they build incredible stuff and I have a bunch more guests coming up thanks for
all the encouragement tuning in I’ve had so much love coming from family friends
past clients other people in the real estate community that’s it for episode
50 thanks so much for watching we’re going to keep them coming Oh before you go by the way if you know
anyone you think should be on the show or think might want to be on the show or
anyone who has something to say that has something to do with real estate
investing finance I’d love to have them and I’m always looking to expand my
network so anyone out there on Facebook YouTube LinkedIn wherever you’re seeing
this content reach out to me we’d love to host you at our office we’re building
out a brand new space here at the SURE Sales Group I’m sure we’ll do a video on
that here shortly thanks so much for watching we
appreciate it