Abandoned Storage Auction movie pt1, mother of hoarders one the best units i ever bought

September 12, 2019 0 By Luis Garrison

this is locked where’s about another
Union on Thursday belongs to a lady I bought a similar unit of hers a year and
a half ago she went to bankruptcy and lost to ten by 40s and one 10 by 30
we’re pretty sweet units I bought one two three when I found out when I got
here these were hers there was no stopping me I was getting them it is quite atrocious it’s a naked eye
she’s a crazy hoarder I call her the mother hoarder my 8 by 40 I bought her
10 by 40 of hers was probably 700 boxes of books and dishes it was just
completely full and weird outdoor stuff I didn’t look this messy but that place
had pulled everything out for photos for some reason or another on the bankruptcy
dealing looks like hard to see I didn’t see nothing I had no schools the first
time I had and I was still in a while I was able to see above this little mound
in the front right here didn’t see nothing it looks scary but I guarantee
you there’s something in here time will tell and you’ll see just stay tuned
and walk over here to another one it’s just a pretty she’s a pretty calmly
usually a person he freaks out in the auction when their stuffs getting
auction but this lady is calm it was really weird the second time I seen her
do this she don’t cry don’t shed a tear just calm we have a stool here to lift
the stand up but it’s just a crazy mess you see it goes back there I couldn’t
see in here this is the first time I’m seeing anything got rick ridiculous and the trailer
coming for a dump run and then we’ll take a load after that I got Scott
coming with his van and trailer and they’re gonna attack this thing quickly
as you can see they’re looking a walk in between the three but we gonna be
walking back and forth this one’s the scariest of them all I think what’s in
the box there’s no one knows that’s some heavy-duty closure X Y or double sided
those are interesting wise we have those the first time I’m seeing up here I was
intrigued by the hatbox you can kind of see him from the bottom look there’s a
lot of Christmas Halloween stuff in here who knows but I don’t know I couldn’t
pass this lady stuff up it’s I hate to gamble in this business there is a
little bit of gamble you have to pick and choose when to gamble I don’t know
how this lady had lost roughly a hundred and ten feet of storage unit last time
and she still had another seventy to go just don’t even make sense apparently
she lost at ten thousand square foot home I don’t know what was it was this
stuff worse than the other stuff was this the bad stuff and she’s try to not
lose the first step first what what’s better we’ll see we will see
it’s crazy though just take them into looking at this what
the eye sees when you’re staring it off I paid 1,700 and something plus tax for
this one ridiculous always attacks right away they’re gonna get you at the end of
the year so don’t think you’re late now know anything by not paying less you’re
one of those who don’t pay taxes if said don’t even bother watching this that’s a wrap
now we’re gonna get started here see we can do this mess say what that would remind me no it’s all trash bags I don’t want them to cranium coke
and if you feel like I do is fill them up full of speakers inside no it’s going to garbage yeah get they’re leaving the paper bag is it Gabby worth three bucks name I
guess selling the BigDog water bottle yeah
fucking foot yeah it’s not bad oh just break bleach on it you’re good bleach killed everything especially for
dogs I don’t know I never seen the table the chairs are right there but I think
it’s something that’ll probably end up using our way to 30 should be a piece of
square glass for this table this is called a car that’s a spendy
looking Peachtree Oh No oh my god
seen one of these in years you want to send them some fighters in
the mail you want to see a man scream like a girl
yes that’s white chocolate don’t worry Mike that’s what editing score Wow Alameda me we got an Alameda mirror all
right we’re just gonna start stuffing our you packing miniature terracotta box save for what lady that is not Jason hold your signature
could this be this next up in the bottom here there’s
not many once they get in their way hurry up and get here if I can pull life’s work why do you think that order art studio order art studio you hope I didn’t throw the legs away I
only found one leg