ASMR tender BBQ Rib & Corn 바베큐 립, 옥수수 Red Wine 레드와인 | Q&A at the end

November 20, 2019 0 By Luis Garrison

Hey guys It’s Minee Today I’m eating BBQ ribs and corn and I also have some red wine Let’s fix the wine first It’s not too sweet nor too dry Just how I like it I’ll be answering your questions that you commented on the last video at the end of this video So please keep watching through the end Shall we eat? This barbecue sauce is a tiny bit spicy On the previous video I’ve asked you guys to comment some questions for me to answer Thankfully many of you guys have commented more than I expected I’m not sure if I can go through all of them but I will try my best to answer as many as I can I printed out the questions here First question Han-yi-rim asks Where are you from? I’m from South Korea Choi-you-jung asks Where do you live? I live in Georgia, USA Baek-sul-hee asks Congrats on 10K subs! My questions are… How did you decide to do Youtube? You are currently living in USA I’m curious to know how you moved to the states? studying abroad or immigration…? keke Anyways thank you for your videos I’ll always support you sul-hee thank you The reason why I started Youtube is because… I’ve been watching Youtube videos for a long time now I’ve always thought that I want to make a video too How is it going to come out if I make one? I’ve always had those thoughts in my mind And one day I got my hands on a brand new camera So I just thought it’s time for me to make a video! and that’s how I made my first video The reason why I decided to do ASMR videos is because There was a time when I had trouble sleeping and watching ASMR videos helped me a lot So that’s why I wanted to make ASMR videos on top of that I love eating so eating sounds video was a way to go The reason why I live in the states is because… mainly for educational purposes I guess Hwang-hae-min asks I’m curious to know your occupation and please do a make-up video or an introduce my dog video in the future as a special one my occupation… I am a student and… a make-up video… humm.. I’m not sure Do you guys want to know how I do my make-up? a make-up video or an introduce my dog video… I might try to make those videos later if I get a chance… right? I will try Kim-yoo-jung asks What do you do in real life? I’m curious. If you are a student what’s your major? I’ve already answered that I’m a student so my major is art, specifically graphic design Sterling* Lee-ji-won asks I love your outfits in every video. Can I know where you shop your clothes from? I mostly shop at Zara or Abercrombie and Fitch and for sports wear Nike and Adidas Nill-lee-lee-ya asks Is your dog asleep while you record? When I saw her on your candied strawberry video she looked so cute Since I normally shoot at night she’s asleep in her crate Hoo-Yoo asks You mostly make eating sounds videos but do you plan to make other ASMR videos like RP or tapping? I’d like to make other ASMR videos if I get a chance I still feel like there’s a lot to improve in my eating sounds videos I will be focusing on them for now Ye-ji asks Which ASMR channels do you watch on Youtube? There’s a lot but if I would pick a few channels Dana ASMR ASMR rappeler and… Miniyu ASMR Soy ASMR I think that’s about it Hong-si 10 min Min-gyu asks What Youtube channels have you subscribed to? ♥♥ Excluding ASMR channels I watch recipe videos a lot honeykki Maangchi Gabiekook I watch their vids a lot and of course I watch Korean Englishman I think their videos are so professionally done and I appreciate that they always try to make them look so finished And Deeva jessica I’ve always been a big fan of her since she just started I watch her videos all the time and Sarang She’s a beauty Yotuber who goes to a dental school here in the states Sometimes she also posts videos about studying abroad Thanks for the videos and also Sydney She lives in London I watch her V-logs a lot ggil-ggue asks Do you cook all the foods in your videos? Yes mostly I cook myself Jung-min-ji asks I subscribed today the tingle is amazing! Please keep up the good work! How do you maintain your body fit? Your shoulder line looks so pretty Thank you I don’t really do anything special but I exercise, mostly lifting weights, three times a week Lee-ha-na asks wooah out of all the sashimi eating sounds videos, whether domestic or international, your video makes the best sounds ever I love it I don’t speak English very well so I’m not sure what you exactly said but I think you asked to leave a question on the comment section How many burgers can you eat the most? You eat so well so I think it would be the same for burgers and I didn’t want to ask you some personal question so please answer! Thanks for your question Hanna hummm… The maximum I’ve had… Well I’ve never tried eating burgers as a challenge so… I’ve had two burger maximum Well I’m not sure… I think that’s my answer That’s it for today’s Q&A. Does it help answer some of your questions? Now do you know better about me? That’s it for today See you in the next video