Author: Luis Garrison

Celebrating 10 years of online auction sales

[Music] for years DeBeers auction sales operated as multiple entities in key diamond trading markets looking at the forces shaping the industry it became clear that we needed to transform our business model and adopt a market-driven sales process this is why in 2008 we pioneered the first online sales of rough diamonds using innovative…

By Luis Garrison August 25, 2019 2

Diablo III Auction House Update

Hi, I’m John Hight, Production Director on Diablo III Reaper of Souls And I’m Josh Mosqueira, the Game Director So as you saw, we’re going to be shutting down the Diablo auction houses. When we originally setup the Auction House, it was supposed to be a safe and convenient way for you to trade items,…

By Luis Garrison August 25, 2019 100