Car Magazine DSPORT || ASMR || Binaural || Pages Flipping || Whispering and Tapping

November 27, 2019 0 By Luis Garrison

This is TFAD Terrence. How ya’ll doing? Today, I want to show you something, that’s a bit car related. And I have this DSPORT Magazine. It’s like a car magazine. I’ve been subscribing to this magazine for a year, and I didn’t really pay for anything because, I kinda win it at a car, you know when they have raffles. So I kinda win a 1-year subscription when I was at a car show. They just gave me like a year free subscription, so. Usually, DSPORT Magazine, it’s very very popular among the car community especially modified car communities, so we’re gonna take a look at what kind of things that interest us. The cover you kinda see there’s a Honda… Honda SI Coupe. And we’re gonna see what kind of pages, what kind of things that are very interesting. It’s content. So let’s take a look. The sound of flipping pages. I found a page. Let’s take a look at this. EVO Evolution. Misubishi Evolution. Definitely a lot of modifications. There’s actually a passage that I wanna read. It says, “Just like with a turbo upgrade, you can’t expect to bolt on new suspension hardware and realize gains right out of the gate. Obtaining peak performance requires adjustments, tuning and an understanding of how the pieces work in conjunction with each other. Perfecting a suspension system is a daunting task, as it is arguably the most complicated system of any performance vehicle. Most typically focus on stiffer dampers, springs and sway bars when upgrading the suspension. Although these upgrades usually improve handling, the effectiveness of the system also depends on the lengths, angles, and linking points of the suspension system. In this suspension tech feature, we’ll examine roll center, center of gravity, and wheel alignments in relation to improved handling performance.” Let’s see if there’s any other pages. I’m a keep looking, ok? There’s a GTR right there. I think this is a…another pictures of the…Honda Civic SI. 2017 version. I mean this magazine actually a year ago, so that’s why it’s 2017. Everything is 2017. Let’s actually read the passage. It says, “At the start of the new millennium, many performance enthusiasts went through a hard breakup with Honda. After years invested to one brand, the relationship between enthusiast and Honda went stale shortly after 2000. Honda simply stopped building Civics for enthusiasts. With the DSPORT staff, we witnessed firstband the parting of longtime Honda lovers and their make of choice. Most staffers replaced their Honda Civics and Acura Integras with EVOs, STis, and even European models such as the GTI. With the exception of the S2000 roadster, there has not been significant reason to get back together with Honda for those that made the change some 15 years ago.” This is a very nice FRS. There is a little passage. It says “If you haven’t heard of HKS, Daigo Saito and Nobuteru “NOB” Taniguchi, then you must be very new to the import performance scene. HKS has been Japan’s premiere full-line performance parts manufacturer since the 1970s. Today, HKS has reestablished a US presence and we expect big things in the coming years. Daigo Saito is the D1GP and Formula D champion driver that we followed in our DSPORT Full Lock video series that season that he took.” There’s another FRS here. It’s battleship gray kinda color. It says it has stack pro-control guages. User programmable full dial warnings. Data acquisition grade sending units. Configurable external device control. Digital stepper motor meter movement. No modules employed. And one touch peak value recall. You actually learn a lot through kind modified car magazine. This is another EVO. Another EVO. This one is like red. It says, “There are few examples of the states getting a better version of a vehicle platform than the rest of the world. However, the 1st generation (1G) and 2nd generation (2G) DSMs are an exception to the rule. While only FWD versions were available in Japan, AWD version were available in the States. A cooperative effort between Chrysler and Mitsubishi produced the Eagle Talon TSi AWD, the Misubishi Eclipse GSXand Plymouth Laser RS Turbo AWDs. These legendary DSMs would not only introduce the States to the capabilities of turbocharged 4-cylinders, but also to the extreme merits and challenges of an all-wheel-drive configuration. While we had the DSMs to hold us over between 1989 and 1998, Japan relied upon the Lancer Evolution platform to provide the thrills that a turbocharged 4G63 engine and AWD platform could provide.” Supra It says “Although we as enthusiasts appreciate and enjoy the power capabilities of the acclaimed 2JZ-GTE platform, we also can’t deny that high horsepower JZA80 Supras are a dime a dozen. Pristine builds don’t seem to turn heads anymore unless the car cranks out more than 1200 whp. Even then, few make the effort to turn that power into anything but a quarter-mile burnout. Ken Miyazaki of Japan took a different approach with his 1998 Toyota Supra Turbo. Instead of aspiring to the many dyno queens in existence, he outfitted his JZA80 to turn fast laps on a road course.” It says “The outside of the car rings true to the theme of time attack racing, as a complete RIDOX bodykit decorates the exterior. This includes the bumper, front fender panels, canards, side skirts, rear overfenders and rear diffuser. The new body pieces line the car with beautiful curves that serve in both form and function. The outside of the car is completed with a Top Secret hood and SARD GT-Wing Fuji 1800mm for enhanced downforce in the corners.” And there’s a little spreadsheet right there. It says the year make model is 1998 Toyota Supra Turbo. And the vehicle weight is 3200 pounds. And the shift RPM is 8000 RPMs. And then the peak boost is 23.2 PSI. If you wanna get into the car community, I think Instafame is one of the yearly car show in Southern California. Whether you have a car or spectator, you go there, you gonna see a lot of different style very unique modified cars.