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The Bangle Seller by Maya Kalyanpur

Rajiv and Radha are heirs of an aristocratic rajput family Samantha is in India to research art and culture Damien has visited India often and loves everythingIndian Penny and Pithambar return to India after their marriage Unhappy with the joint family system She runs away to join a band of gypsies as kajri Visiting a…

By Luis Garrison November 22, 2019 1

Insightly for Sales

Maybe all your business comes from word-of-mouth referrals. Or maybe you’ve got a hundred reps calling leads every day. Either way, you’ve got a sales process — one that you’ve spent a lot of time and energy developing to make sure your prospects are taken care of, from first touch to the closed deal. Insightly…

By Luis Garrison November 22, 2019 0

How to be Instantly Irresistible in Sales

How would you like to be irresistible in sales? Of course you would. But becoming irresistible actually requires two key components. Number one, you must stop doing things that are actively turning prospects off. And number two, you must start doing things that make you attractive in the eyes of the prospect. And by the…

By Luis Garrison November 22, 2019 32