CGI 3D Animated Short: “My Dear is Tender” – Ma Chère Est Tendre”  – by ESMA

CGI 3D Animated Short: “My Dear is Tender” – Ma Chère Est Tendre” – by ESMA

November 9, 2019 15 By Luis Garrison

We were saying…Ten dozens of little ones’ aiguillettes in nasal sauce I’ll tell you what, in my time we used to know what we ate. Nowadays, we are given 20 year old meat in the pot, and we are supposed to take it as “grande gastronomie”. Sure! Glad there are still good places like here, where it smells good fresh flesh. -ah yeah yeah yeah! These trolls, when it comes to fatten us up, they are darn efficient. aren’t they? However, they are very ugly. -How about you my little Dagmar? Come on, why don’t you eat up a bit. Have a little brat-zel! That is the newborn nouveau tonight, must celebrate! Boah, no… no thanks…I’m not… I don’t feel like it. -…And crushed toes in tear sauce. And for you, sir? Boah..don’t know…I’ll have..well… just a baby-berry squash. Are you serious? You really won’t swallow anything? And wait…You lost some fat, didn’t you? He does look strange today… It looks as if you haven’t eaten in at least … fifteen minutes… Fifteen minutes!? *Ogre dialect* Will you tell us what is going on with you? All right, all right… The truth is…I’m in love. In love?? hey look at him he is in love! -But…no… Careful, watch out, hot food coming through! The brats’ aiguillettes! The intestine tagliatelles! hey you say you’re in love, that you’re not feeling so good… Maybe you’ve just eaten a bunch of wild children. Are you sure that’s not your problem? – No! I am telling you, there is nothing like free-range ones. Brats, they should run in the woods… Sick with fear, preferably. Of course not…I’m in love, In fact, if I don’t eat… It is because I want to put the odds in my favor, you see? Well, excuse me but if you want to titillate ogresses, you will need a well rounded stomach. That’s the point! In fact… she is not an ogress… She’s a lady troll. A…what? I can’t believe it! A what?! -Oh no! A LADY TROLL, a LADY TROLL! *human child voice* Daddy? Where is he, Da.. Table 3! A lady troll… Oh wow… Well Dagmar, when you say you love her, what you really love… is the chow she serves you, isn’t it? Well no… when are you going to introduce your lady troll to us? the truth is…I didn’t talk to her yet… you never talked to her? Well no but then again… I’m working on it! I already know she works here! So, when she gets here, you put the moves on her, not too fast, a little subtle wink, and then you… hey hey hey, is that her? I’m sure it is! Come on Don Juan, now is when! G..Ggg..Good evening… Good …evening… So…hrm…You…Hrm… I mean you… What can I do for you? Since our eyes met, my heart has been beating for you. Oh you’re kidding me! Should I be offered the possibility of never losing you, I’d make ours an endless story. Excuse-me… But to be honest, it is… An ogre, why not, but in that case, a real one… With you nothing worth the bite! Did you see yourself? So you can eat trolls too? And they lived happily…