Church’s Chicken® | Shrimp ‘n’ Tenders Platter | Food Review! 🍤🍋🐔

November 8, 2019 0 By Luis Garrison

peep this out guys it’s Ian K back
again with another one for ya this time headed into Church’s Chicken to check
out their new shrimp ‘n’ tenders seafood platter and this one’s got an all-new
creamy lemon herb sauce to go with so let me run inside and scoop this up real
fast being that my local church’s doesn’t have a drive-thru and then
we’ll most definitely peep this out well it looks like everyone’s dropping
their fish promos and Church’s Chicken is no exception feast your eyes upon
their shrimp ‘n’ tenders seafood platter here guys and I got to say there is a
lot of fried crispy golden goodness going on inside this box right now
starting off with their namesake the chicken itself you’ve got some really
really tasty looking chicken strips here breaded and fried to a nice crispy
golden brown and it’s accompanied by four butterfly shrimp which are actually
the spicy variant that I opted for so I’m already looking for a little bit of
a kick from that and of course we’ve got their world-famous honey butter biscuit
to go with here a very nice situation they’re known for these here and they
are very very tasty for dipping we’ve got the new creamy lemon herb sauce and that’s the first time I’m actually having this here so I’m excited to give
that a go and on the side we’ve got some mac and cheese and of course some mashed potatoes with gravy but a full portion of goodies here guys all for 5 bucks
this is a pretty nice value so let’s get into this one and see what it’s all
about it’s the all-new shrimp ‘n’ tenders seafood platter here at Church’s Chicken
let’s peep out this flavor here’s the deal only at Church’s oh and did I
mention I actually got the chicken tenders spicy as well to go along with
those Texas Pete packets yeah let’s get into this right now I’ve reviewed these
a bunch of times in the past so make sure to check out my church’s playlist
in the upper right hand corner of your display but never with Texas Pete so
we’re gonna do that real quick before the shrimp let’s do it mmm juicy Wow
that is just a nice chunk of 100% all white meat chicken and I got to say
because it’s white meat you’d expect it to be a little bit drier I know I do but
the juiciness on this is very very strong and I’m very impressed with that
on top of the spicing that I’m getting which again is keeping my mouth going
the way that it is it’s very nicely done as always on the light breading on the
outside even though it looks like it may be a little heavy from your perspective
right here but I can tell you it is kind of like a flash fry type of fried
chicken and I dig that because you can really taste the meat and it really
stands out on top of the spicing there pretty awesome really really delicious
now let’s hit it with a little Texas Pete action real fast this is already
spicy so Texas Pete is gonna light this one up for sure absolutely Texas Pete to me has a little
bit more vinegar to it on top of the spice that it delivers so that really is
going so well with the coating on the outside of the chicken and then the
juiciness of the chicken itself is definitely there and that’s followed
with a ton of moisture that I’m experiencing right now because my mouth is salivating ridiculous that is a very very nice combo Texas Pete Church’s
Chicken awesome combo let’s go for a quick bite of this honey butter biscuit
goodness mmm oh my god always a nice combination of what feels
like a dense but airy middle with a light crispiness on the outside and then
the sweet honey butter wash on the very top of it here this is just ridiculously
tasty always a quick shot of what I’m talking about there guys as you can see
nice and dense in the middle there but it’s airy at the same time it is just
such a unique flavor and it’s definitely an awesome awesome addition to the
church’s menu and before we hit up the shrimp let’s hit these mashed potatoes
real fast very very nice and creamy nice nice gravy on top mmm something
about fast food mashed potatoes I don’t know what it is it is just so
ridiculously good you got to love that chicken type of gravy on top of those
instant type of mashed potatoes it’s just a very very tasty tasty thing and
of course the macaroni and cheese this is ridiculous over here guys I
already know another hearty dense situation creaminess of that cheddar in
there that is just delicious fast food mac and cheese not everybody can do it
right church’s does it pretty right but we want to see what’s up with these guys
the spicy version of their butterfly shrimp along with that creamy lemon herb sauce let’s get into it looks like pretty much the standard sized butterfly
shrimp that you would find a Popeye’s as well wow not too much flavor in this for
some reason it’s supposed to be spicy I’m not getting any spice at all I’m not
really tasting anything but breading guys I’m not even really tasting the
shrimp too much that’s kind of strange yeah there’s nothing there that is
really strange I actually got more from the chicken than the shrimp for some
reason let’s give it a shot with the creamy lemon herb sauce though and see
if that does something to it I’m sure it’s gonna considering there’s really no
flavor yet well it’s definitely got a nice lemon zest to it guys and overall
it’s pretty thick if not creamy I mean you can hold this thing upside down and
there is nothing that’s coming out of this right now so it looks like it’s
gonna be pretty dense but I am really digging the fact that that light lemon
zest is there it actually smells pretty tasty there but it kind of reminds me of
Mayo and I don’t know about that well as you can see it is definitely thick
definitely creamy and most definitely dense I’m having a lot of trouble
squeezing this all the way down to the bottom of the container I don’t think I
want to do that but considering how thick it is I don’t think it’s going
anywhere the smell is great like I said let’s see how the flavor is light
creaminess lemon but it’s just a very light flavor it’s not really adding
anything already to the flavorless shrimp that I’m having right now I am
very very surprised at this right now well let me give you a quick shot on the
inside to give you an idea of the ratio between shrimp and coating and as you
can see it’s about average of what you’d expect to get from say Popeyes as well
it’s pretty much the same but I’m just really shocked that there is just no
spice and no real flavor overall aside from the light fried coating on the
outside that’s really all that I’m really eating here is just crunchy
coating with not a lot of flavor anywhere else well I got to say I’m a
little disappointed with this one today guys I mean 75% of this combo is pretty
awesome is that expected to be because the chicken is always tasty here at
church’s from the experience that I’ve had along with the sides in the biscuit
they’re always pretty great but with the butterfly shrimp and that creamy lemon
herb sauce being the stars of this particular platter I kind of expected a
little bit more from it than what I got today unfortunately it is what it is but
what do you guys think drop some comments down below let me know what you thought of the overall presentation of this one here and if you’ve already had
this one did you guys have a similar experience and if you haven’t had it do
you plan to definitely drop some comments down below and make your voice heard and as for the overall rating I’m gonna have to give the shrimp ‘n’ tenders
seafood platter here Church’s Chicken just an okay 6.5
out of 10 it’s definitely way above average because of all the other tasty
goodies that I had in this platter naturally there but with the star of the
show like I said being the shrimp along with that creamy lemon herb sauce I just
expected a little bit more from it than what I got but overall just OK and
those are my thoughts on the latest seafood promo here at Church’s Chicken
as we close out another episode of peep this out guys I’m like I always say I’ve
got brand new content every single week here on my channel so while you stay
tuned for that next review coming real soon in the meantime stay frosty
hey I know they can’t all be winners and at least I have 75% of all the other
goodies to enjoy with this one alright guys until next time I’ll talk to you