Day 5   Bidder Days

Day 5 Bidder Days

November 7, 2019 0 By Luis Garrison

Hey everyone. I met up with an old friend
and colleague yesterday and we were talking about bidder days. Now these are
those days that buyers set up so they can speak suppliers through the tender process
and everything that’s going on within it and I think in principle or in theory at
least these things are quite a good idea but actually the way they can be
delivered is sometimes really poor and that was kind of the basis in the
conversation I was having. This guy was saying look you know I’ve been going
to these bidder days and I feel like they’re a bit of a waste of time you
know you’ve got all the people in the room we’ve invested lots and lots of
effort and lots of money getting people there and then we just get really poor
sessions so either the individual’s really badly prepared or their presentation
style is really difficult or awkward and you can tell they don’t really like to
do it but yet they’re going through the
process and that seems to be a crazy thing so in the spirit of trying to keep
things positive what I want to do today is really explore from the bidder’s
perspective what are some of the best things you’ve seen at these bidder days
or these supplier days and then from a buyer’s perspective from a procurement
perspective really talk about some quick ideas that I had to really try and
improve the bidder days and make them better for everybody so this video is
probably slightly more focused on the procurement side and given some ideas
around how we can do things better potentially but there’s also some input
from you guys and on the bid side of things I’d like as well. So, on the
procurement side I think first of all we shouldn’t just be doing bidder days for
the sake of doing them it’s horses for courses it should really be for
high value and really important procurements and not just a
run-of-the-mill thing. We shouldn’t be doing these bidder days just because
there are not process or somebody’s told us to do it we should be pushing back
and making sure they’re fit for purpose so there’s lots of alternatives for
example you could have a webinar or a web chat or
you could just keep it simple and just send some presentation slides before and
allow a bit of Q&A you could even just phone
round depending on how many suppliers you’ve got in the process before I’ve
just done a call round on the phone and just had half an hour with their key
people on the conference call and all of these things work just as well as a bidder day so I guess the takeaway is don’t have that bit of day for the sake of
having it if you’re not a confident presenter and you don’t like speaking in
front of people no problem don’t put yourself in that position and if you’re
gonna do a bidder day make sure that you’re properly prepared you know what
you should be speaking about and that you’ve got all of your
presentation documents and everything in line and you’re ready for the Q&A. That
way you’re gonna get the best value out of it and you know get people involved
now after all the objective of these bidder days is to increase competition and get buy-in from suppliers and make them feel
like this thing is real. If you do a really poor job on the bidder day you’re
actually going to switch people off and you’re going to get exactly the opposite
effect. So be prepared, be confident and if you’re not ready for a bidder day or you
don’t think it’s the right thing to do just use another method that’s
absolutely fine – I hope that’s been useful
thanks very much. Give me any ideas in the comments below if you’ve got any and if
you want to add anything to the conversation. Let’s hear both the
procurement side and the bidder side. Alright, until next time see you later.