Dumpster & Bin washing truck ||  Best Seller  || Sparkling Bins

Dumpster & Bin washing truck || Best Seller || Sparkling Bins

January 11, 2020 2 By Luis Garrison

Hi!! John Conwoy from Sparkling Bins the
following SB5 commercial and residential bin washing truck is going out to the
great state of Connecticut. We want to congratulate Hilary and Hamilton ground
from Filth2Fresh bin cleaning. What a great looking truck we’ll be servicing
the Harford County and surrounding areas in Connecticut we want to welcome them
officially to the Sparkling bins family. Congratulations Hillary and
Hamilton so happy for you folks when Hamilton first reached out to us about
nine months ago and every single prospect that reaches out to us we tell
them as part of your due diligence before you spend this kind of money in
this great emerging business reach out to other clients that bought from
sparkling bins reach out to client to the buck from Marc other manufacturers
find out how the total experience went and I think you’re gonna find that we
have the best reputation in the industry we’re not perfect we make mistakes but
our service recovery is the utmost importance of sparkling bins I think
that that’s the overall feeling you’re gonna get when you talk to anyone who’s
bought from sparkling bins we do manufacture the most effective dumpster
truck in the industry by far this can pick up and clean 30 dumpsters on one
clean water tank and two hundred residential bins five hundred and twenty
five gallons of fresh water and five hundred and twenty-five gallons to hold
your gray or dirty water these trucks are mounted on a two ton diesel truck
PTO driven for the hydraulic system we have the most effective cleaning heads
in the industry we have the exclusive rights in North America for heads that
can go as high esteem the traditional heads in the industry today everyone’s
using right now can go typically as high as about 180 degrees these can go as
high as 250 we’ve been testing them on our own trucks for the last four months
they have our seal of approval we’re running them at 230 degrees which
is 50 degrees hotter than any other cleaning head out there
we’ve seen the efficiency decrease by 30% in terms of the speed in terms of a
first-time cleaning getting done in less than 25 seconds and maintenance pans
getting done in five to seven seconds so we have the exclusive rights for those
cleaning Ed’s so reach out the sparkling bins once again congratulations to
Hillary and hamilton-brown thanks again for watching and thanks again for your