Find Motivated Sellers Using Postcards (Direct Mail)  | Wholesaling Real Estate

Find Motivated Sellers Using Postcards (Direct Mail) | Wholesaling Real Estate

December 2, 2019 23 By Luis Garrison

– Hey, it’s Cris Chico, and in this video I’m gonna share with you
the most obnoxious postcard that you have ever seen,
and most importantly, why it works so well to
generate motivated sellers. I’m gonna show you and walk
you through this template. However, I’m gonna tell you the story of how it came about that
this thing was created. So let me take you to the
beginning of the story. All right, so we’re gonna take a little bit of a field trip right now. I’m gonna take you to where it all started with the blind copy postcard. Let’s go. (dramatic music) We are here, where it all started. All right, so we’re here. Let me show you. All right, so you see, it’s that place back there. Can you, where is it? Ahh, right there. It’s my UPS store. What happened is that I was going and doing direct mail here
in the south Florida area. And every week I would come in to pick up my mail, my return mail. They really can’t tell the difference between the different postcard. And I didn’t know this,
but there were a couple of real estate investors
also in that same UPS store. These people started
to put their postcards in my return mail. And I’m sure they kinda
mixed everybody’s together but I was sending out the most volume so I assume they just said,
“Hey, it’s all his stuff. “Just put it in there.” Right, ’cause who’s gonna
sort through hundreds and hundreds of postcards every
each and every single week trying to figure things out. So as they were doing that, I started to flip through my postcards and I’m like, “Oh wait a second, that’s not mine.” But it look very close to mine, like almost exactly but the
font’s a little bit off. And what it was is that I had people that were using my postcards
mailing to the same area. When I looked at the phone number and I called the phone
number, and the voice on the phone number was me because I think that they had bought my course. So I said to myself, “Well,
gee, how am I gonna get deals? “How am I gonna be different “if everybody’s sending
out the same postcard?” And that’s when things started, for me, in terms of trying to figure out how to created a better postcard. So I started to think about what can I say on the postcard that’s
gonna make the seller think, “Oh, you know what, I
gotta call this guy.” And I kept on thinking
and thinking and thinking and thinking and I couldn’t
come up with anything. And I said the best thing would be if somehow if I could picture
everybody’s postcards, being on the kitchen table
and the seller’s trying to decide what to do. How could I get them to
pick up my postcards first and go to that next step? And I started to think about it and I said, “Well, if they
could at least hear my voice. If they could at least hear my voice and my tonality explaining what I could do for them, that would make it better. At least I’d be one step
ahead of everybody else. And that’s when the idea came to me is hey, forget about focusing on trying to get them to say yes to
selling me their house. It’s too early in the process. I said, “You know what I gotta do “is all I gotta do is worry
about that next step.” And the next step is for them to just simply pick up the
phone and dial that number. And I knew that when they
dialed that number I got them. It was like fishing, as if
I was putting a lure out and then just, I just want a nibble. And soon as I got a
nibble, man, I got you. And that’s what happened. I came up with that postcard and I said, “I gotta just not tell them anything.” I just gotta put the postcard, make it so that they just feel so compelled to call and to figure out what
the heck is going on. At that point now, that
places me above everybody else because now as soon as
they grab that postcard and they are looking at that postcard, now I’m above everybody else on that pile. And that’s how I came up
with the blind copy postcard. I mean that thing is insane. There’s nobody else has a postcard that produces that kind of result. And that’s how the blind copy postcard came about at my UPS store. So now that you’ve heard the story, let me just take you and show you what this is all about. So this is what’s called
a blind copy postcard. Now the reason it’s called blind copy is because it doesn’t tell the seller what the nature of this is. Now it’s being sent to a targeted list and so we know there’s potential there for those sellers to
wanna do a deal with us. But really the only way for them to figure out what this is about is for them to call the phone number. Now I’ve blurred out the details here because this is an
actual scan of a postcard that was sent but you can see
it says Property Notification. And it’s meant to look
like an official notice. It’s meant to really get
somebody’s attention, to somebody saying, “What is this?” There’s a couple things that
increase a response rate. Number one is obviously it’s blind. Number two is that it has
something up at the top that looks somewhat official, like it came from some sort of official entity. Next, you notice there it says Owner Name, Property Address, and all that information is merged in there from the list so now it has their pertinent information. It also, at the same time, if you notice, it says, “We urgently
need to speak with you “about your property at…” that part that’s blurred
out is also their address. The message is really
designed to intrigue them, to get them to say, “You know what, “I gotta figure out what this is about.” Now this is the front section of the card. You’ll notice here,
now I blurred out again the address where this was sent to. It says the same thing up at the top, Property Notification, it says “Urgent, do not discard this notice!” And then it asks them to
please turn the card over for important message. It’s designed to get them
to flip back to this side and to see this particular
part of the postcard. And I don’t care what
you’ve sent out in the past, there’s no other postcard in the world that produces a higher response rate than this particular postcard. And there you have it. Now this postcard is great to send out to a very specific list. Number one, if you had a tax delinquent list,
the vacant property list, a general absentee owner list. Now with this postcard there’s gonna be three buckets of people. Number one is you’re gonna get people that would leave a message and says, “Hey I’m interested. “Please give me a call. “I’d like to see if I
could get a cash offer.” That’s easy, you just call them back and see if you can do a deal with them. The second call is the
calls of people that say, “You know what, I don’t like this card.” Blah, blah, blah. They’re angry, they got
nothing better else to do than to blow up your phone. It’s important that you send this to a 24-hour recorded message. So I use a service called You send the calls to the
24-hour recorded message. You don’t want to send these calls to your cell phone number ’cause it’s gonna blow up your cell phone. Post office box, that’s what
I use for my return address so that’s what I would use for that. Now you’re gonna get people that are just gonna be angry. So you’re just gonna ignore those people. Don’t do anything with
them, don’t call the back, just forget about it. Here is gonna be the most
important part of this postcard. You’re gonna get a lot of people that are just gonna call the message and they’re just gonna hang up. That’s very important because
most real estate investors would consider just not even
calling those people back. And what we found is that that’s where the majority of our
amazing deals come from. It’s from those people
that have hung up the phone and didn’t leave a message. And guess what, they’re
doing the same thing with every other single investor. Why? Because they’re not ready just yet. But now we’ve got their phone number. And guess what? You need to call them
up and you need to say, “Hey, this is Cris, I
was returning the call “about the property for sale. “I missed your call the other day. “I was just returning your call.” And they might say, “You know what, “I’m not interested in selling
my house, but thank you.” And you say, “Great, no problem.” They might say, many times, they’ll say, “You know what, I am interested, however, “I didn’t wanna leave a message. “I’m not ready yet.” “Hey, not a problem. “I’m on the phone with you here. “Maybe you can just chat
with me a little bit “about the property and
see if there’s something “that maybe I might be interested in.” And then you start the conversation there. Now this card is great when
you have a high quality list, like a tax delinquent
list, that you would want to have every single
phone number for that list just because it’s a good list. The same thing with a vacant list. And so that’s why this card works great because you’d wanna
call every single person that hits that phone number regardless if they leave a message or not. Now don’t call the angry
ones but everybody else you wanna go ahead and call
because those are prospects that are likely not talking with any other real estate investor but you got the phone
number and you get them on the phone and that’s why
this card is so effective. Now if you’re gonna send
out a big, large mailing of owner occupied properties,
I wouldn’t send this card because you’re gonna just get a tremendously large
number of phone calls. And so for me, this card here is great with absentee owners, tax
delinquent, or vacant properties and that’s what I would recommend. This is the blind copy card and that’s what I recommend you send out if you’re sending out your direct mail and pick the right list. Hey I wanna thank you for taking the time to listen to this video. If you like this video
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