Foreclosure homes for sale in McAllen Tx

January 16, 2020 0 By Luis Garrison

This is Benjamin Ross Lord Texas Realtor
and today we are going to take a look at a Fannie Mae foreclosure listed with
remax now this is a four bedroom three and a half bath home just over 2,900
square foot of living space it’s got a huge backyard asking price three one
nine nine let’s go check it out hey guys okay we are out here at 5013
West Highland Avenue in McAllen Texas now this is a Remax listing with Randy
Clawson is the list again I’m Benjamin Ross I’m showcasing this property let’s
take a look at this neighborhood real quick before we go inside take a look
inside the home I’m gonna pan around we’re gonna take a
look at the neighborhood man it’s a beautiful morning it is absolutely a
beautiful morning it’s a quiet neighborhood this house was built in
2014 so you’re gonna see a lot of these houses built kind of around that era
very spanish-style landscaped and take a look at the front of this house it’s
very grand brick home you can see the Spanish tile up there and I’ll give you
a closer look later on but just take a look we got a two-car garage now this home
was built in 2014 this is a four bedroom three and a half bath square footage
2912 square feet of living space so you know it’s a pretty good sized
home now this is a Fannie Mae foreclosure so you can expect that
there’s gonna be some things that need to be done to the home usually the
foreclosures don’t have the upgrades have things that need to be done a lot
more so than when we see homes listed with a seller but I’m gonna go ahead and
pan down isn’t that awesome let’s go ahead and go inside we got a
nice nice big eight-foot door a double door so you can open up you move in you
have your furniture not a problem we come in as you can see the house is
vacant have a big echo to my right is the formal dining room
again look at these high ceilings Wow inset lights spanish-style chandelier
looks like somebody left their TV mount on their must have left in a hurry maybe
you never know with these foreclosure properties we’re gonna go ahead and go
straight and just see what I want to show you first we have the half bathroom
here this is just for guests as they come in the house then you use the
bathroom that’ll be for them look a little inset
decorative pieces for you can display in your hallway and here we have another
little area chandelier and I’m gonna assume it’s kind of like for like maybe
a breakfast nook or just something a small table maybe two chairs maybe for
kids to have the cereal or whatever and I’m gonna pan around we’re gonna take a
look at the kitchen pretty good-size kitchen and then here
again we have another dining area we have TV mounts gosh is probably like a
lot of money just in TV mouth in this place I’m gonna pan around dining room
and then we’re gonna go kitchen and then we’re looking back at the front entryway
there okay so let’s go to the kitchen we have looks like built-in Maytag ovens you know nice cabinetry has some detail
to it I like that plenty of room electric cooktop built-in
I prefer gas I think most people do but it is what it is
countertop I’m not crazy crazy about it I’ll tell you honestly we
have a sink is your basic sink remember this is a foreclosure and to bring those
of you up to speed it is we are at fifty thirteen West Highland Avenue in a Kalyn
Texas this is a four bedroom three and a half bath foreclosure asking price 319
nine so again this is a foreclosure so we’re not gonna see a lot of the updates
and a lot of the cool features that we see with homes that are listed with
sellers so we needed some updates here this sink is you know your standard sink
we could definitely use a bigger sink we’re gonna come around here here’s our
pantry and I’ll get me give you a view from the kitchen into the dining room so
we have that open concept I really like that of course most houses these days do
we have our pantry and one of the things I like about these pantries it’s a
walk-in pantry and I tell you there’s a huge difference it it may not hold all
that much more but just the fact that you can actually walk in the pantry
versus just reaching in just gives it just a such a bigger feel to it and you
could probably put maybe some more things store more things on the floor
okay regular thermostat this is our laundry room we have a sink
pretty standard I’d like that it has plumbing to it some cabinets washer and
dryer hookup up there I think that’s where your attic crawlspace is and pat
down we got the laundry room we’re gonna come back over here this house has an
alarm system so I’ll take a look and kind of give you guys a little bit of a
feel of the garage here yeah standard garage two-car garage and
again and another TV mount these these people had TVs just all over the place
looks like maybe a 50 gallon water heater TV mount electrical box two-car
garage again nothing out of the ordinary but remember it is a foreclosure and
I’ve seen foreclosures that are just absolutely terrible
so this house is actually not bad for being a foreclosure and we have again
year built 2014 and we have twenty nine hundred and twelve square feet
very nice custom blinds as you can see we have the archway coming through I
love arches I think it’s just great we have some bedrooms and a little hallway
to my right there’s a bedroom and it has an attached bathroom and I like that you
don’t see a whole lot of rooms within a secondary rooms with an attached
bathroom but there is I don’t pay any attention to me and look at a nice big
shower especially for a secondary bedroom that is just very cool now if
you have kids the kids are going to be really happy again another TV mount we
have the double door closet which definitely beats the old sliding doors
that we used to have as you can see it opens up built-in cabinets or shoe rack
whatever you want to call it we’re gonna come back out of the room down the
hallway okay and then let’s see to my right we have another little bedroom and
even in two bedrooms look we have just a nice ceiling decor built-in shelves in
the closet hallway bathroom nothing too awful
spectacular but nice and our third bedroom
double door closets and now you’re facing back out to the mini hallway here
on this side of the house we’re gonna go ahead and walk to the other side and
take a look at the master bedroom now I’m walking back through I’m going into
the dining room kitchen area we’re gonna go back to the front entryway remember
when we walked in we had a dining room on our right and then to our left as
we’re walking into the home we had this little semi-private formal dining room I
guess it could be a game room you have some my privacy so you have a you could
kind of make it maybe a little office we have the nice horizontal blinds again
the TV mount and the ceiling here we can see linear beams which is a little bit
different than throughout the house I’m gonna just pan down and we’re gonna pan
around this way and I’m looking out to the house this house was built in 2014
twenty nine hundred and twelve square feet and it’s a three and a half bath
four-bedroom home listing price 319 nine so Remax listing nice high ceilings
now some works gonna have to be done to this some upgrades we’re gonna have to
kind of bring it up to speed a little bit
this would be a great project because it’s not gonna cost a whole lot of money
to to fix up compared to other foreclosures I’ve bought in some
terrible foreclosures that just just drain my wallet this one is not so bad
it’s not gonna take a whole lot of money to fix this one up
we’re gonna master bedroom by the way big open room pretty much square I don’t
see any kind of angled or accents or anything like that just kind of a big
square room what I do like is the bathroom in the closet
now the bathroom is just huge you it’s like its own room in itself you have the
his and her sinks you have a big mirror we have a shower and I’ll showers dirty
remember this is a Fannie Mae foreclosure so we’re not gonna expect to
see everything pristine but let’s take a look at the shower
I like how they did the shower it has a kind of a linear glass that just gives
it just a kind of neat dimension and it’s not something that you see a whole
awful lot of it only has the one spout so it’s not a multi spout so you know
that can always be remedied okay and then we’re gonna keep walking and we
come back here and we come back to a huge walk-in closet look at the size of
this closet I mean it is big we have built built-in cabinets built in a shelf
now one thing that I like about this closet is that as you can see here it
has a little cabinet island just kind of to itself you have some drawers you know
me rings watches whatever you need to grab quickly before you go out to work
but yeah you have a little kind of island here and what does that you have
more counter space which I probably don’t need because that’ll just end up
cluttered I’m afraid I’m in the rear of the bathroom and we’ll walk back out to
the bathroom again big bathroom we have the two sinks there
toilet over this way nice big walk-in shower no tub here in this bathroom just
a walk-in shower we come back out into the master bedroom just a very big grand
house tybalt high vaulted ceilings let me give you a shot stills we have some
inset lights as we come down into the entryway here
there again that’s a formal dining room you’re seeing in front of you we’re
gonna go left and let’s just take a look at the backyard come back here’s the
kitchen so I think you guys are probably getting a feel for the house this back
door probably needs to be replaced or at least repainted as you can see this
house probably could use a fresh paint job so we come out here to the back
porch and we got a little a little covered portal ceiling fan not a lot of
space though I would prefer maybe a little bit more space because I’m always
out there grilling and barbecuing and smoking things this definitely would not
be big enough for me but for those of you that maybe don’t spend a whole lot
of time doing backyard stuff otherwise it can always be added on that’s what I
love about houses if you don’t like it you can always change it you can always
add on you can always improve it and let me walk out we have a giant backyard now
this backyard has just lots of possibilities because you can do a
number of things swimming pool plenty of room for kids plenty of room for animals
and I’m gonna go ahead and pan around and you can kind of see it has some palm
trees and somebody took time to kind of partially landscape the back of this
house every palm tree is decorated with with flowered bushes that gives it a
nice uniform tropical appearance I get a side of the house or our AC condenser
over there and then check out the Spanish tile and I just love Spanish
tile this house does have a beautiful roof and as many of them do in this
neighborhood panning around the side of the house
let’s take a look at the backyard from another angle here and it is I mean it
is a big now sometimes things on camera look bigger than what they really are we
all know this this is really big so it is big plenty of space and for those
guys or ladies who don’t mind mowing you’ll have quite a bit of mowing in and
we trimming to do here ok this is the back porch again I think it’s a little
bit small for the covered porch that can always be fixed though there’s
contractors that could just make this a really nice backyard patio to watch
football yeah back door probably needs to be replaced
I’m going to take you guys to the through the front of the house and we’ll
kind of just wrap up the video there I’ll give you another look at the
neighborhood and the front of the house and again just to sum everything up here
we are at fifty thirteen West Highland Avenue it’s a four bedroom three and a
half bath 2,900 square foot home and a beautiful beautiful subdivision let’s take a look I’m gonna go ahead I’m
gonna pan around again give you guys the video showing you the neighborhood walk
down the street here kind of come back there you have it
fifty thirteen Highland Avenue okay I hope you guys enjoyed the tour here at
fifty thirteen Highland Avenue in McAllen Texas again four bedroom three
and a half baths a little over 2,900 square foot home nice home if you have
any questions about this home or any other home if you have questions about
real estate in general I’m an easy man to get a hold of you can email me [email protected] and go to my website Oh