Monkey Toilet Roll Holder-Storage Auction Tips!

October 9, 2019 0 By Luis Garrison

Hi coach Dom back again on the storage
trail wanted to show everybody I football season ended so I get back into
buying my storage lockers and I couldn’t wait to buy this one I got it at a decent
price I’m gonna try to sell this at the antique swap me for a few dollars it was
worth it and fun but the hustles continued man got to pay for stuff and
it’s just so interesting the things that I find like this toilet roll holder see ya
on the next clip every time I get a unit you got to pay a deposit typically and
you got to leave it broom swept and now that last clip I showed you with the
monkeys I had to clean out the whole place not too bad I had some stuff I
could sell at a yard sale the other stuff I could had to easily put in my
own trash and get rid of it and you got to leave it clean kids you want your
money back that’s how it works in the storage game pretty good business idea
for the storage unit owners well that’s it folks remember like share subscribe
and comment I got some links below for a t-shirt and most of all book on how to
sell the stuff you find that’s the bottom line you got to sell the stuff
you got it’s interesting the treasure hunting part of this but you’ll want to
make a profit and pay for your time thank you so much for the enjoying and
watching and sharing comment liking subscribing and please any comments
ideas love to have them see you out on the trail!!!l