Revisiting Wendy’s Chicken Tenders!

November 15, 2019 0 By Luis Garrison

Hello everyone, this is Running on Empty … Food review! This is madness! Complete insanity, honestly is. And I guess I am disappointed, I guess that’s the best way to put it. And I suppose consider- considering the subject matter of this video, I would imagine- you would imagine me to be disappointed in the the chicken for some reason, right? That the chicken for whatever reason did me wrong. But it wasn’t that. I reviewed these chicken tenders about… I don’t know, nine months ago October of 2017 And back, then they were a new release, you know, and everyone was talking about them. They were the talk of the town. You would you just drive around everyone- they dropped their smartphones and instead they were just using chicken tenders instead… It was nuts. And then it suddenly faded away. And for whatever reason, I don’t really know why, sometimes you get an item that’s like this where They permanently bring it to the menu But it’s like after a couple of weeks you forgot that they even had it so You know just a couple days ago I was suddenly reading around I found that for some reason people were talking about the chicken tenders from Wendy’s again and I thought I thought at first these were these were new items I didn’t even remember that I reviewed these I think a lot of people just forgot about them But anyway, they have them they’ve always had them and I have no problem retrying something, you know Sometimes it’s good to just try it with a different palette, a different mindset But see if the product has changed any because they certainly do at times. That’s not why I was disappointed What Absolutely crushed my spirits today. I didn’t even realize this but nine months ago, they released the chicken tenders with a special glorified sauce that they called the “S’awesome Sauce” and I’ve watched the old video I was sittin there complaining but say I have actually they didn’t have the “S’awesome Sauce” this time around and what do I forget? Yeah the same sauce It’s too good I tell you it’s too good to be true but it is Here I was siting there … Nine months ago talking about this sauce. Go to go to review it. What do I forget? I forget the stupid sauce Ugh … But there you go, it’s too good, too good, what can you do right? Just one of those things at this point instead of even getting upset about you Just laugh at it because what more can you do? I mean they just closed. Anyway, I can’t go over there and get it back So this is what we got. It’s too good And yet they’re chicken tenders. It’s one of those items. I think that everyone forgot about it. It’s like, you know one of That old sock that you’re always looking for right? That’s not a really good comparison because these aren’t old socks They’re not even really big enough for most of us to wear on our feet though. But I imagine that I Don’t know maybe if you really had a lot of money to blow you can Carve it out. Hollow it out. Maybe slip some of the breading or something on your foot maybe make them like a little I don’t know Chicken tender Footwear But anyway, here they are they come in a three piece Four piece and a six piece and I want to get that really good shot of them there for the camera There they are. They’re three of them believe that’s three One it’s the second one three three in total But yeah, we’re gonna try these out. These are what they are, you know, they’re lightly breaded. Yeah, they’re mildly Mildly breaded you make it definitely see that when I replace this with my head Usually it focuses, but it isn’t and it’s weird. Anyway, that’s what it looks like. That’s a better view of it You can see it’s mildly breaded and yeah, you know it’s Has some firmness but it flops around a little bit. Yeah anyway Before we get on up there review, because otherwise that’s all there is to it, They’re just breaded. They’re seasoned and it’s just something that Wendy’s likes to you know something that they like to promote every so often I imagine because everyone likes the chicken tenders, right everyone loves the chicken tenders and Hopefully it’ll be better than the ones from Sonic that I did a couple couple videos back. But before we get into that Just one quick thing. I want to give a shout out to Gregory Martin and Vivian in North Carolina, the two of them they support this channel and the radio broadcast on the patreon I have a tier on there that’s called the “15 minutes of Fame” tier, both of them They donate a hundred and ten dollars per month and really is a token of gratitude for their support I just give them a little shout-out each and every month if you want to join them you can have your name or your channel Shouted out. You know, it’s just a good way to help the channel, the broadcasts stay on the air It’s going through a tough time and you know, just a great way to do that Get acknowledged to the masses – all right, you can find that out at That’s on to the good stuff. Let’s let’s sink our sink Whatever teeth. I have left in my mouth into this morsel. So let’s go for it The the chicken tenders from Wendy’s going in Unforgivable You know what the cherry on top is I Well I guess it is the cherry on top because that’s I already said what it is cherry on top, but the real thing that got me I I also, who even though I forgot to get the S’awesome Sauce, I decided to get it with some good old barbecue sauce, right? everyone’s favorite and What isn’t there? The barbecue sauce. Oh, well, the chicken tenders aren’t there’s not too much to say about them again Again as I said, I always like read reviewing items like III some people think that I have some crazy policy Where you know “I wouldn’t dare!” Review another item and if I’ve already reviewed it, but there’s nothing wrong with that again. Again I think myself like many other people We forget about stuff. I mean we forget items Okay, you’re gonna I didn’t even know they had these these chicken tenders until a couple days ago. I forgot How are they? Well They’re alright for what they are My issue with these and I haven’t really had these for too long, you know Wendy’s closed pretty recently because it’s again It’s the the night middle as they call it and it’s around 1:00 a.m. And they closed a couple minutes ago and You know, they’re they’re not the the freshest in the world But they still have some heat they still have some flavor there The chicken itself still has some juiciness to it still has some of that just, you know meaty flavor to it the breading the one thing that I wish I could taste a little bit more of and this doesn’t even come down to a matter of sauce or otherwise Where you have some items, you know what I always considered to be really good chicken nugget chicken strips, whatever vernacular you you wish to ugh choose you wish to use I should say not choose choose to use. I suppose I My favorite ones are always the the ones that do not need sauce that they look well breaded well seasoned and guess what? You can taste that seasoning too – that’s the best ones right there and these I mean you could see like Right here. You can see the little bit of you know seasoning that’s on this thing you Can see it anyway no matter what you can see it. It’s it’s there. I wish I could taste that better. That’s my only complaint with it. Otherwise, it’s not too chewy not too firm You know, it does have a little bit of structural integrity, which is always a good thing You can definitely taste that it’s so flavorful I just wish you could taste a little bit of that breading more and then I think they would really be onto something So Wendy’s if you ever do decide to tweak around the recipe for the other chicken tenders, I wish you know Whatever spices are or little seasoning the flavors you add in your breading for the the chicken tenders here I wish it was just a little more pronounced a little more flavorful because with that added yeah It’s always good to dip it in any sort of sauce barbecue sauce S’awesome Sauce, that weird sauce that you brewed up in the bathtub last night or whatever You know, it’s just, I don’t know why I said that anyway It’s just of those things where, again, the sauce would be a great accompaniment But I just wish it could hold its own better, too That’s that out of ten the price for these was $3.78. Three dollars You know one for each chicken tender and the 78 cents attacked on to just goof around. Out of 10 I’m gonna give it an 8.2 out of 10. I gave the last incarnation an 8.6 out of 10. These again I just wish you could taste a little bit more of the breading That’s why I gave it an 8.2 But again, I think everyone likes chicken tenders and they’re not ungodly expensive and I used you could check them at you know Try them out. They’re pretty portable. They’re not messy get them as a little snack and get them with sauce too. My, my Recommendation to you all. Alright with that being said Today’s Thursday, please. Listen into the VORW Radio Show I know there’s a bunch bunch of you watching that have one of these a shortwave radio Fire it up break it up today with sit on the shortwave. This is an important show I’m gonna have a number of announcements in it that I really need you to tune in on if you follow the show So check it out on air on your phone on soundcloud – Or on TuneIn. That’s all that I have for you. Thank you for watching! I’m your host TheReportOfTheWeek and if we ever review these things again I’m not going to leave the place until I I get that sauce Alright?? That’s gonna be do or die and I’m not gonna exit that that place until I get that S’Awesome Sauce or buffalo or ranch or mustard or barbecue or anything in between Thank you for watching and take care! I’ll see again in a couple days with another video.