Ross 49 Cent Sale 2020   Shop With Me To See Is It Real ?

Ross 49 Cent Sale 2020 Shop With Me To See Is It Real ?

January 28, 2020 15 By Luis Garrison

Hello this is Sayhee from Saving With Sayhee and welcome back.
I’m at Ross today I’m looking for Ross 49 cent sale I’m going show you guys walk through their music is very loud so I will not be talking
too as much. I will try my best oops my
phone. Let’s go inside to see the ross 49 cent sale. Don’t forget to subscribe my channel i will
move camera slow this time let’s go. Shop with me. I am inside the Ross look around. This is $32 normal price you see let me
go through everything okay here shoes for $14 . This is $9.99.What are these shoes? No price on it? $29.99 $15.99 $23.99 and for these shoes, they are
$21.99. These shoes look cute. They have a purple tag. $29.99
Hmm Inever heard this company. Let me know if you know the name of this company a purple tag, but it still hasn’t been changed and here is $24.99 in here and all
sketches right here $4.99 Calvin Klein $49.99 no purple tags.
okay Guess shoes $29.99 and here is the spot $6.99
$6.99 everything’s basically $6.99 $6.99 $9.99 $9.99 this is cute
$14.99 this is $4.99 $6.99 okay Oh one more here price for Less but I
didn’t see purple tags at all for just normal prices
this is $2.99 a $4.94 these are not really cheap prices
okay this is lovely is $4.99 no purple tags. no purple tags. I’m looking for the purple tags as you guys know. let me see purple tags – this is $12 $16 $13 no sales at Ross Michael Kors oops oops then put back in
no Purple tags $16 … $19.99 no sales at Ross This says it’s on sale but this is no purple tags no purple tags… $15.99 ok I didn’t see any Ross sales. This is $4.99. ok these sunglasses It has a purple tag for $6.99 okay okay look we’ll keep looking for
this is still you here for $4.49 I’m not getting therefore this is something
$4.49 this is $3.49 and
there isn’t too much in this area no Purple tag or Ross 49 cent sale no purple tag. There’s a purple tag but still
$3.49. I don’t know about that. There’s a million stuff to look through. This is $6.99 I’m gonna put some more purple tags (Still no sales at Ross) I don’t really see any purple tags in here.These are normal price. (Still no Ross Sales) Let me pass through here. no purple tags
oh so heavy this one $4.99 It used to be $10 so it’s 50% off which is still a good deal (first Ross sale) but (Not a Ross 49 cent sale) If need it you can get it but I’m not gonna
get it yet and looking looking any other purple tags
nope! $8.99. Still no Ross sales I finally found a Ross 49 cent sale item but I don’t want to get something that’s already been used. Here’s some baby’s clothes. I saw a lot of purple tags but it’s not
49 cents or even lower than $4. the sticker price is $12. I
don’t know about that $11 and $6.99. still over priced. At the outlet you can get a better cheaper price.
$5.99 $11.99 This is a super nice shirt but I’m
not going to buy it for $2.99. this is $13. $2.99 (Mumbling) (You can tell I’m upset. C’mon Ross 49 cent sale … where are you?) I’m looking at furniture which is normally priced.
I don’t see any purple tags for the furniture. It’s all normally priced. I don’t
see anything yet. This is cool. I don’t see any price
change here at all. ok blankets and I saw one purple tag. But
nothing real But nothing really special. (C’mon Ross) hmm (No real Ross 49 cent sale so far) I’ll keep looking. It’s so loud (in here) but I’m looking at some other close for $13.99 $10.99 $4.99 $10.99 $7.99 $11.99 $12.99 Lot of purple tags, but no real huge sale at Ross. $6.99 There’s the sticker price but was nothing was really on sale. $14.99 It says clearance but this is $30.99 This is $3.99. $7.49 I haven’t see any sales. okay I have a seen anything really that much. This is $4.99. $3.99 $6.99 $4.99 $3.49 Let’s see if the perfume has a purple tag. It has a yellow tag so far. That’s it. They are all yellow tags. There is one purple. maybe sideways? nope, they are all yellow or white tags. Calvin Klein Let’s see. I saw Gucci last time. and look at that.
I can really see the price in here and I didn’t see a purple yet. Another Michael Kors. here’s a purple tag … $14.99 nothing on sale Ross 😠 I didn’t really see anything on sale so I’m going to look around and see the men’s stuff and other stuff I can find but so far
I’ve only seen one 49 cent but it’s not worth it for 49 cent how am I going to use it? It’s already half broke. Even a lot of products are broke but they’re still marked at
full price I don’t know if they’re still working on it
I have no clue I haven’t seen anything that gets my attention like Wow anything like that
there’s a men’s look at this They are both purple tags but still you know $8.49 This is the same
thing but this is a $8.99 this is a cute Mickey Mouse hat at normal price $7.99 katnap $1.49 $6.49 $2.49 I haven’t really seen anything on sale yet. earphone c’mon $2.49 I don’t
really see any big sales what $11.00 $11.99 What is it
Columbia school backpack is cool $37.99 this adidas bag is $11.99 this is
cute. Oh golden state warriors how much of course no purple tags it’s Under
Armour but no price on it I like the bag but of course there’s no price on it. Let me check the suitcase prices $74 no purple tags. I haven’t see any purple tags for the suitcases. Yet. Wow this is huge. I will keep coming and show you guys
what I can find for 49 cents I found one today so that’s not bad
but again it’s not like wow or anything like that so thank you for watching
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and now keep going coming to Ross too so keep following me because I have 3 Ross stores near my house so I will keep going to different places and keep shooting and
thank you for watching ciao ciao