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2020 Korea Grand Sale kicks off on Thursday

for shoppers visiting South Korea there’s another big nationwide sale starting today it’s the 2020 Korea grand sale and it has 5 themes kpop beauty food heritage and winter through the end of February foreigners can get deals on all kinds of things including flights accommodations skiing and cosmetics that includes discounts of up to…

By Luis Garrison January 16, 2020 0

Japan’s cabinet approves US$ 122 bil. fiscal package in bid to boost economy

Japan’s cabinet has approved a one-hundred-22 billion U.S. dollar fiscal package to support stalling growth as policymakers look to sustain economic activity beyond the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. According to Reuters,… the package, agreed to on Thursday, will rise to 230 billion dollars when private-sector and other spending are included. According to Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo…

By Luis Garrison December 6, 2019 0