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The Different Ways Money Laundering Works

Let’s say you’ve given up your law-abiding lifestyle to pursue a life of crime- you’ve just made your first big score, perhaps from selling drugs, taking a bribe, or other corrupt acts. you can’t just spend it or deposit it in your bank account without attracting attention from authorities. That pesky money trail might serve…

By Luis Garrison November 13, 2019 100

Edmonton’s Bid for the 2020 Vapelympics

– [Narrator] It’s part of us. Greatness flows through our veins, it’s in our lungs. It moves us, powers us, fuels us. We are warriors. We vape. (upbeat music) We bleed determination. Sweat excellence. Cry triumphant. We are workers, teachers, path finders, trail blazers. The makers of tomorrow. We will not quit ’til the job…

By Luis Garrison November 9, 2019 10

How to Organize a Bachelor Auction : Finding an Auctioneer for a Bachelor Auction

Hi welcome back you are with Gala Gal Jenelle. I’m Janelle Taylor a certified Benefit Auctioneer Specialist by the National Auctioneers Association. I’m here today on behalf of Expert Village to tell you more about bachelor auctions. Key number five is finding an appropriate auctioneer who specializes in fund raising. Now, you must understand bachelor…

By Luis Garrison November 6, 2019 0