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Introduction to Auction

Welcome back in continuation with our last lecture on dynamic pricing where we learned that dynamic pricing is very natural and it has uhh it is convenient to implement fixed pricing that is why people were going for fixed pricing but because of Internet now again dynamic pricing has become a reality So in this…

By Luis Garrison October 14, 2019 0

Should you buy before auction

Peter Kelaher: Hi, I’m Peter Kelaher, director of PK Property, Sydney’s largest buyers’ agent. Today, I want to quickly talk to you about, “Should you buy a property before auction?” I think the most important thing is that, if the agent’s trying to sell you the property the last week of the four weeks, which…

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Auctions: How Winners are Determined

>>[Male voice]: Winners are determined in a precise and efficient manner in our Security Auctions. Watching the following sample auction will help you see exactly how it works. Let’s say we have 100 units up for auction of a 1-Year CD offered by ABC Bank. Each unit is worth $1000 and the fixed yearly Coupon…

By Luis Garrison October 13, 2019 0