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Meet Aaron Davis

Aaron Davis auctioneer, I’m passionate about Calling and negotiating deals. I’m famous for Stirring up apathy and my job starts when the bidders say no, so give me a call And I’ll get you the result that you deserve

By Luis Garrison November 18, 2019 0

Benefit Gala Tutorial | Mobile Bidding

Hello my Fabulous Fundraisers! I’m your host Kelly Russell, and welcome to Artisan Auctions! Mobile bidding is all the rage these days, so I’ve got two dealbreakers, two opportunities, and two reminders about how to do mobile bidding right! First, let’s talk about two Dealbreakers where mobile bidding should definitely be skipped. Dealbreaker #1 Are…

By Luis Garrison November 8, 2019 2

Q&A with our auctioneer Tim

hey guys Calen here I got something a little bit different for you today I managed to pin down our super busy auctioneer who comes up from Auckland asked him a few questions, some of the more common ones that I get asked about auctions. it’s a little bit longer than my normal vids but…

By Luis Garrison November 7, 2019 0