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Art Auctioneer – Career Connections – WNEO

♪ Art auctioneering combines content skills– knowledge of products to be sold– with process skills– the ability to appraise, then sell those products– combined with a high level of financial literacy. I am the lead auctioneer. I am the auctioneer. I am the head appraiser. I am responsible for cataloging and overseeing the data entry.…

By Luis Garrison November 6, 2019 0

Amazing Kid Auctioneer

(laughing) Ron: Y’all going to have to pay for mushrooms. Pastor’ Buddy: Here we go! Chris: We’re sending kids to camp, come on! Vanessa: Chris wants some! Ron: Alright, ready? Garrett: yeah. Ron: Ok, where ever you want to set them at, go for it. Garrett: I’m gonna start ’em at 30 this time. 30,…

By Luis Garrison November 5, 2019 10