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Comfort Bid: Short-term

Hello and welcome to this PRISMA tutorial. My name is Frederick from PRISMA Customer Care and I will be explaining the “Comfort Bid” functionality for short-term auction. Comfort bids make it possible for you to tell PRISMA how to place bids for you in future auctions at a specific network point. You can create comfort…

By Luis Garrison November 18, 2019 0

Alfresco Demonstration: Bid/Project Management and Workflow

This demonstration will cover some basic Alfresco functionality including folder templates, workflows, email notifications, and Alfresco Mobile. I’m also going to show portions of the Alfresco Outlook Client, the Formtek EDM Module for Alfresco, and the Formtek Auditing Extension. This demo involves an engineering company that uses Alfresco to manage documents and drawings across all…

By Luis Garrison November 17, 2019 0