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Why Not to Buy a Lifted Truck

Rev up your engines! [MUSIC PLAYING] It’s time for “The Scotty Kilmer Channel.” Today, I’m gonna talk about why it can be dumb to lift the suspension of a vehicle. Now, every time I find one of these vehicles that have been lifted up in the air, I can’t help but remember the story about…

By Luis Garrison August 23, 2019 100

1999 Mercedes S Class

This is an introduction to a car that I bought in November of 2017. It’s a 1999 Mercedes S500. I’m just gonna walk around the car before I get into the details. The color is midnight blue. These are magnetic flag poles by the way. Eventually you will see flags mounted on these flag poles.…

By Luis Garrison August 23, 2019 0

How to Buy a Drift Car

Hey Guys ChrisFix here And in this video I’m going to show you how I got the drift car, what drift car I got This is the official start to the drift car build. So what car did I get? Well, you didn’t think I’d show you right away did you. Before i go reveal…

By Luis Garrison August 22, 2019 100