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The Worst Luxury Car (Mercedes Benz)

One, two, three, four! Rev up your engines! [ENGINE REVVING] It’s time for the Scottykilmerchannel. Today I’m going to show you why Mercedes-Benz often turn into money pit machines if you drive them for any serious length of time. Now take this beautiful-looking Mercedes. It runs good, rides good, but when I hook up this…

By Luis Garrison November 13, 2019 100

A History of the Wyoming License Plate

Wyomingites are proud of their western heritage and the state’s reputation as the Wild West. The state preserves this heritage and reputation through the long standing bucking horse and cowboy sketched on our license plates. Have you ever wondered about the history of Wyoming’s license plates? The first state-provided plates were issued in 1913, and…

By Luis Garrison October 15, 2019 1