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Top Tender Tip #005: Read the question

hi I’m Tim from Bid and Research with today’s top tender tip so this might seem like an obvious one but before you tackle a tender or a bid opportunity read the questions I don’t mean just read the questions and that’s that, read the questions and try to understand why they’re asking those questions…

By Luis Garrison November 26, 2019 0

Top Tender Tip #009: Policies and Contracts

Hi I’m Tim and welcome to today’s top tender tip so something we get asked about regularly is policies and contracts there’s always the odd request for a really unusual policy so they might ask things like a whistleblowing policy or a anti radicalization policy or it ‘s not something that they’re considering they have…

By Luis Garrison November 25, 2019 0

Top Tender Tip #011: Bid Libraries

I am Tim from bid and research and welcome to today’s top tender tip so today I’m going to talk about bid libraries these libraries are quite a common thing where people will store past questions, past responses that they’ve used we think this is a bit of a mistake because it makes people be…

By Luis Garrison November 23, 2019 0