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Seller Check-In with Jordan Sweetnam

Hi everyone. I’m Griff and we’re back with another eBay executive this time as you can see on the screen. it’s Jordan Sweetnam. He’s our Vice President of Operations and Americas. Do I get that title right? Jordan? Yeah. Pretty much. Okay. That’s good. Jordan. We’re very happy you could be here. We’re gonna keep…

By Luis Garrison March 28, 2020 0

Seller Check-In with Marni Levine

Today. I’m joined over zoom by Marni Levine, vice president of seller operations and engagement. And you’ll also, if you’re watching us on camera, our, um, our director Liz Austin is with us as well. Although I believe Liz is not going to actually take part in the interview. She’s muted her mike. With the…

By Luis Garrison March 21, 2020 0