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Cairo Station 720p Full HD (IMDb: 7.7)

This is Cairo Station, the heart of the capital Every minute one train departs… and every minute another one arrives. Thousands of people meet and bid farewell People from North and South natives and foreigners… people with and without jobs. I am Madbouli, the newsagent. My job allows me to read about strange incidents. But…

By Luis Garrison March 9, 2020 0

Graffiti Artist

♪♪ [church bell] [Gregorian chant] [Gregorian chant] Who’s there? Ninjas? Be gone, ninjas! [crashing] Stop! Michelangelo! I should have known! Padre, please. I was only illustrating my religious devotion. Oh, I’ve seen your religious devotions before, Michelangelo! The church has had to clean up your graffiti many times! Now let’s see what you’ve done! Oh…

By Luis Garrison February 18, 2020 100