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Renting vs Buying

Hi I’m Annette Kershner, I’m Annette Maldonado and I’m Samantha Lerma and we’re Northern AZ Team and HomeSmart Professionals here in the heart of downtown Flagstaff, Arizona. In this week’s video we’re going to talk about Renting vs Buying! If you’re new here please subscribe and ring the bell! We really appreciate your comments. Have…

By Luis Garrison March 26, 2020 1

I Bought A HOARDER House

Hey, what’s up everybody? So I just purchased a hoarder house meaning the house is full of stuff, the exterior, interior, everything. There’s probably going to be $10,000 worth of just junk removal involved with this property. So if you’ve never seen a hoarding house get ready this house is going to be pretty interesting.…

By Luis Garrison January 8, 2020 6