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3-2-1 Ribs – How To

What’s up guys it’s Susie Bulloch from HeyGrillHey.com and if you’re watching this video that means we already have one of the most important things in common we both love good barbecue and that’s perfect because my whole goal at Hey Grill Hey is to help you make better barbecue so you can feed the…

By Luis Garrison January 18, 2020 18

Comfort Bid: Long-term

Hello and welcome to this PRISMA tutorial. My name is Frederick from PRISMA Customer Care and I will be explaining the “Comfort Bid” functionality for long-term auctions. Comfort bids make it possible for you to tell PRISMA how to place bids for you in future auctions at a specific network point. You can create comfort…

By Luis Garrison January 18, 2020 0