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Auction Bidding Wars

[Drums, Battle Sounds]>>[Female voice]: Not every competition has to be a battle. Take online bond auctions at Zions Direct, for example. [Music]>>Multiple bidders can lead to multiple winners, which makes bidding wars of the past a more civilized endeavor. Zions Direct. Invest in your future.

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How to Buy an Apartment Building

How to Buy an Apartment Building. Before investing in an apartment building, get an education and good advice from professionals. Everything in business is a risk, but time spent planning for every eventuality will reduce missteps. You will need Research Internet access Advisers Analysis Comparisons and plan. Step 1. Research commercial real estate online and…

By Luis Garrison October 9, 2019 4

Auction Rate Securities (ARS)

This is the Invest Ed® Investment Minute; the voice of investor protection in Oklahoma. An auction rate security is a bond, or other debt whose interest rate is not fixed but is set weekly or monthly by auction. Investors are told that they can get out of the bonds by selling them at these auctions.…

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