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Opinion | Trump is doing Putin’s bidding

What just happened at this summit is an absolute boon for Vladimir Putin. It’s what he’s been dreaming of for years. He came to Helsinki, and the American president did not demand any concessions from him whatsoever. It’s Russia that has been repeatedly violating the global order over the past few years. You know, staging…

By Luis Garrison November 13, 2019 100

Blackberry Bidders Could Carve Up Services, Patents

(Image source: Ars Technica / Andrew Cunningham) BY EVAN THOMAS Potential buyers are looking at struggling phone maker BlackBerry — but not necessarily for its phones. A new report indicates interested parties, including private investors and equity firms, might carve BlackBerry into different pieces, rather than leave it as one package. They’re reportedly most interested…

By Luis Garrison November 6, 2019 0

JFK love letters for auction for $30,000

John.F.Kennedy, a president not unfamiliar with scandal…. And now an insight into his colourful private life… A letter allegedly written by the 35th President of the united states to his rumored mistress, Mary Pinchot Meyer, is hitting the auction block. The four page correspondence written on White House stationary was kept by Kennedy’s personal secretary,…

By Luis Garrison November 6, 2019 1