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ASMR타이거새우🦐안심스테이크🥩관자 버터구이 먹방 cheese Tenderloin steak Tiger shrimp mukbang

Hi guys♥ Today I prepared a steak!Tiger shrimp,Tenderloin steak ,scallop♥ Scallop grilled in butter♥ Tenderloin steak♥ Of all the steaks, I love the tenderloin steak♥ Because it is so soft ♥ Cheese sauce ♥ You know how it goes really well with grilled tomato steak? ♥ If you feel greasy, eat grilled tomatoes to make…

By Luis Garrison April 3, 2020 100

Crunchy ASMR Chicken tender, Hash brown&Mashed potatoes Mukbang Eating sounds 치킨텐더,해쉬브라운,매쉬드 포테이토 먹방

Welcome back guys !! Let’s make mashed potato ! Had to slice them, it was pretty big !! Boiled about 15 min Sugar Salt Milk Pepper Air fryer for chicken tender 🙂 Hash brown… it must be deep fried !!😎 Welch’s strawberry ! Your comments, likes and subscribe are huge support for me !👍 Hello…

By Luis Garrison February 26, 2020 1