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America’s Oldest Italian Restaurant Makes The Best Meatballs In Philly | Legendary Eats

Taryn Varricchio: Plates of meatballs beside twirls of spaghetti covered in marinara sauce are ingrained in South Philadelphia. And they’ve made this restaurant a landmark in the neighborhood. This is Ralph’s Italian Restaurant, and it’s been serving Philly’s best spaghetti and meatballs for 120 years. Customer: If you like traditional Italian red-gravy Sunday dinner, this…

By Luis Garrison March 12, 2020 40

ИТАЛЬЯНСКИЕ ТЕФТЕЛИ. Проверенный рецепт. Просто и вкусно.

Hello friends. I’m happy to see you here again! Today I will show you how to make very delicious Italian meatballs There’s a million of different meatball recipes with different meats and #spicestotaste I’ll be making my favourite recipe the meatballs come out juicy, very tender and very delicious. we will bake them in the…

By Luis Garrison January 25, 2020 1