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ASMR FAIL 치즈스틱 해쉬브라운 치킨텐더+치즈폭탄! 실패 Cheese sticks Hash Browns Chicken Tenders Eating Fail チーズスティック

Hash Browns Chicken Tenders Cheese Sticks Hello, I’m Honoms It’s wrong from the start.. I prepared mozzarella cheese The start was good. Added 3 cheddar cheeses BGM Fire control failure Fail because of fear of fire Finally fire control success I smelled the delicious cheese baking Yeah ?? The cheese didn’t melt properly I can…

By Luis Garrison February 24, 2020 4

매운명태알찜 맛집 날치마요주먹밥 리얼사운드먹방/SPICY BRAISED FISH Mukbang Eating Show Ikan kukus Cá hấp ปลานึ่ง 紅燒魚 魚蒸し

(Checking if Fume is following well) Scary.. (I worked hard so I deserve it!) ★The smell of the great restaurant★ Mayonnaise Rice balls! Hi guys! Today I prepared Spicy Braised Fish (Pollock) dish! I heard that there is this great restaurant well-known for its Braised Pollock near my place! I have been craving it and…

By Luis Garrison February 11, 2020 100

ASMR Tomato Spaghetti Cream & Spaghetti Chicken Tenders (No Talking) Cooking & Eating Sounds 스파게티 먹방

tomato spaghetti Chicken Tender (Welcome!) I like the sound of the boiling more today. Cream spaghetti sauce makes delicious pasta! And sausages are essential. There should be tomato spaghetti, too. It’s a chicken tender Start of eating show (The color is pretty) Satisfaction My favorite blue lemonade! First, the savory cream spaghetti. be full of…

By Luis Garrison February 6, 2020 14