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ASMR Tomato Spaghetti Cream & Spaghetti Chicken Tenders (No Talking) Cooking & Eating Sounds 스파게티 먹방

tomato spaghetti Chicken Tender (Welcome!) I like the sound of the boiling more today. Cream spaghetti sauce makes delicious pasta! And sausages are essential. There should be tomato spaghetti, too. It’s a chicken tender Start of eating show (The color is pretty) Satisfaction My favorite blue lemonade! First, the savory cream spaghetti. be full of…

By Luis Garrison February 6, 2020 14

❰ASMR❱ 양념치킨에 행복을 더한 맘스터치 알룰로스치킨 알룰로스텐더 (EATING SOUND NO TALKING MUKBANG)

Hi guys. Gonna eat new menu of Mom’s Touch, ALLULOSE chicken / tender! This is ALLULOSE Chicken! And this is ALLULOSE tender fingers! Let me start with fingers because it’s boneless! They gave me this cutie plastic forks! it tastes like Korean spicy chicken with some other spices? it’s so tender like its name. The…

By Luis Garrison January 9, 2020 0