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Google Shopping software for retailers: automate campaigns & set KPI-targeted bids with Whoop!

Google Shopping is one of the most profitable ad platforms for retailers but even for experienced PPC managers its complexity can make it inefficient and time-consuming to promote specific brands and products. That’s why we’ve developed a smarter approach: Whoop! is an intelligent, cost-effective solution to help you build, manage and optimize your Google Shopping…

By Luis Garrison November 22, 2019 0

Creating Sales Funnels to Sell Your Online Courses | Interview with Stephanie Nickolich

[Greg] Hey everyone, welcome to TeachOnlineTV, my guest today is a sales funnel success strategist, which you know is something that many of you are very interested in, so we’re going to be talking about sales funnels success, and success with sales funnels. She also has a Facebook group for female entrepreneurs, female entrepreneurs collaborate…

By Luis Garrison November 19, 2019 8