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How To Buy With The Multi-Mortgage Technique To Give The Seller His Equity – Real Estate Investing

Joe: Second in this structure is called multi-mortgage. This is a structure that I created simply because there weren’t any other out there. You’re still taking the property subject-to but this time, that property may have some equity in it. Joe: Now, when you take most properties subject-to, they’re going to have mortgages up to…

By Luis Garrison November 19, 2019 6

MMU – EP 79 | Block Auction Fever!

Hi folks, welcome to another Monday Mark’s Market Update. It’s Block fever here in the office as we debrief the events of last night. We’re gonna take you through my take in a couple of areas and a little bit of learning there for you. Let’s just wrap up the week that’s been with auctions…

By Luis Garrison November 12, 2019 0