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How To Buy With The Multi-Mortgage Technique To Give The Seller His Equity – Real Estate Investing

Joe: Second in this structure is called multi-mortgage. This is a structure that I created simply because there weren’t any other out there. You’re still taking the property subject-to but this time, that property may have some equity in it. Joe: Now, when you take most properties subject-to, they’re going to have mortgages up to…

By Luis Garrison November 19, 2019 6

Preparing for Showings as a Seller

– Hey there, welcome to This is Your Life. I’m just kidding, it’s JR again, and today, I’m talking about preparing your house for a showing. You’re obviously a seller. Preparing for Showings: Seller. Okay, real quick, here’s what you wanna do when you’re gonna prepare your house for a showing, you have a showing…

By Luis Garrison November 18, 2019 0