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What are the seller concessions?

hi I’m Cara from Future home loans here to talk to you about seller concessions seller concessions are also referred to as seller contributions where the seller contributes funds towards the buyers closing cost freebies and impounds and/or points different products allow for different seller concessions conventional will allow 3 to 9 percent depending on…

By Luis Garrison March 7, 2020 0

5 Best Home Improvements for Sellers

I’m going to give you the top pre-sale renovation projects that typically bring the best value so stick around! Hey everybody! Jennifer Hein here, a Los Angeles area based real estate professional with Rodeo Realty and today we’re going to go over the renovation projects that according to the National Association of Realtors 2019 Renovation…

By Luis Garrison March 3, 2020 1

What is a Financing Contingency?

Hi again! Today we’re going to talk about what is a financing contingency in a real estate transaction and how does it affect you if you are a buyer or if you’re a seller. My name is Karen Jackson I’m a real estate broker with John L Scott in Renton Washington and the surrounding areas.…

By Luis Garrison February 27, 2020 0