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Tender Bobs, Edsa Shangrila

Hello everyone so we’re here at Tender Bob’s in Shangrila and eating their lamb and pork chop so let’s go? as a suggestion from an old friend we went the tender box in a chanela for our Friday dinner this is a steakhouse so I went for my favorite lamp while my friend got his…

By Luis Garrison December 8, 2019 34

Mixing and Blending Machine Setter, Operator, and Tender Career Video

Mixing and blending machine workers run the machines used to blend everything from industrial chemicals and explosive ingredients to colorful dyes and consumer product ingredients like dough or batter and spices. These workers follow recipes to weigh and measure ingredients, dump them into blending machines, then observe mixing until ingredients reach the desired condition or…

By Luis Garrison December 2, 2019 0