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Real Estate contracts for sellers: What you need to know about contingencies BEFORE you sign.

– Whether you’re just starting the process of selling your home or already going through it, you’ll want to know about contingencies. Contingencies are time-sensitive conditions that may allow the buyer to get out of a contract or come back to the seller for further negotiation. Three of the most common contingencies are appraisal, financing,…

By Luis Garrison January 18, 2020 1

Condition of the State 2020

♪♪ Funding for this program was provided by Friends, the Iowa PBS Foundation, as well as generations of families and friends who feel passionate about the programs they watch on Iowa PBS. As legislators gather in Iowa’s capital city of Des Moines, Governor Kim Reynolds lays out her vision for the 2020 legislative session, amidst…

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3-2-1 Ribs – How To

What’s up guys it’s Susie Bulloch from HeyGrillHey.com and if you’re watching this video that means we already have one of the most important things in common we both love good barbecue and that’s perfect because my whole goal at Hey Grill Hey is to help you make better barbecue so you can feed the…

By Luis Garrison January 18, 2020 18