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Content Preview: Visions of Nโ€™Zoth

Hey, everybody. It has been an amazing month for World of Warcraft. Ever since WoW Classic launched on August 26th, we’ve seen millions of players around the world jump in to explore Azeroth as it stood before the Cataclysm. Whether you’re revisiting old memories or experiencing it for the very first time, it’s been humbling…

By Luis Garrison October 11, 2019 100

WoW Legion Auction House Flipping Guide – Auction House Addons – World of Warcraft Gold Making Guide

This video will be diving straight into item values and auction house flipping. If you don’t enjoy being near an auction house very much, I’d recommend other gold making methods, like clearing through older dungeons for some of the rare transmog items, or queing savage satchel runs. Basically something a bit more active. I find…

By Luis Garrison October 7, 2019 7

WTF is up with Trivial Quest Videos??

Aurleis here, and, today, I wanted to share my thoughts on why I am making these videos featuring World of Warcraft quests. Many of you have probably asked yourself, as I have asked myself, why do people record every single quest, no matter how trivial? One commentator, I’ve read, stated that they’re probably trying to…

By Luis Garrison August 29, 2019 3