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Building Relationships and Getting the Sale

It is important to understand that selling is about building relationships with your customers. Customers are more informed today than ever before and the competition is fierce. The customer has to feel that you were there for them to provide the best product, with the best value and the best service. Business owners can sometimes…

By Luis Garrison November 17, 2019 0

Direct Sales Training Course Videos for Beginners | SALES in 5 EASY STEPS | Tradeshow Basecamp™

The purpose of a sales conversation is of course to sell! In this course you will learn: the five easy and repeatable steps to having a successful sales conversation. These are: the Icebreaker, The Quick Intro, the Lead Interview, Next Steps and the Disengagement. You will learn the difference between active and passive sales conversations–…

By Luis Garrison November 17, 2019 6