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Real Estate contracts for sellers: What you need to know about contingencies BEFORE you sign.

– Whether you’re just starting the process of selling your home or already going through it, you’ll want to know about contingencies. Contingencies are time-sensitive conditions that may allow the buyer to get out of a contract or come back to the seller for further negotiation. Three of the most common contingencies are appraisal, financing,…

By Luis Garrison January 18, 2020 1

Vendorway – Seller

David is the marketing and sales manager of a valve manufacturing company Sales to water-supply construction companies have gone down sharply Hundreds of tenders are awarded, but David and his team can’t find out who the L1 winning firms are Word-of-mouth isn’t reliable and scouring government websites or visiting their offices in person is a…

By Luis Garrison January 17, 2020 0