Tender Rain / はるまきごはん feat.初音ミク

November 9, 2019 0 By Luis Garrison

translation by Shiopaca Though seemingly transparent,
I’m certain I can’t see your face Though not too strongly, whenever I take
a breath, it’s certainly stuck in my throat Like the dregs of last night’s downpour,
the streets are moving silently The headlights that twinkle and
disappeared breathe within the raindrops As if I were waiting for you, I held my umbrella open Feeling strangely nostalgic, I’m melting away in the rain Just like that, the lights disappeared
and the frontside stores were closed Turning a blind eye to the high heels that stumbled, a black umbrella rose immediately Gradually, the colours desaturate
and I can’t see anyone’s smiling face I don’t feel sad but whenever I take a breath,
it’s certainly lodged in my chest Just like your hands, that knew it all I was recalling that day when we walked together, it was raining just like this as well If I’m not wrong… at that time, I’m sure… you were hiding your umbrella in your bag Just like a story, don’t you think so too? Feeling strangely nostalgic,
I’m about to melt away in the rain