WE ALMOST DIED At The Storage Unit Auction! I Bought an Abandoned Storage Unit collaboration

September 22, 2019 0 By Luis Garrison

oh yeah I could definitely see Jesus my
Lu ok 2530 get 30 over there good 43 going
once twice sold three I don’t know but I would have lent you 40 bucks Oh today I got one of the regulars bidding
for me we got show bidders out there so don’t you do we are stuck in the
elevator eight hours later yeah we’re just gonna have to see Vettes run
towards to the door I’ll have to wrap it up me and the big guy over time my lazy
walk we shouldn’t oh no all right don’t break a nail what the hell are you be
careful where’s your Kinect you guys have a lot of elevators on the East
Coast a little bit here but we’re not wearing
a wall right there’s winking Jebus goes down well who are you Jebus
not an elevator mechanic did you bring sandwiches do I think I planned that way when even
your stairs are broken – stayin at all cost it was a plan cheating if you obey
all the rules you miss all the fun make a smile thanks guys I appreciate you
showing up and making that happen for me what’s that what am i definitely five
dollar unit that was it we love it so how do you like my heart sick so far
what’s it well so far I gave him the wrong address
lots of annihilated and I got a specular elevators then we got stuck in a
staircase I don’t know what we’re gonna do nin anything to tell you guys good
luck getting to the next one I was gonna tell you though as far as I’m concerned
we’re still winning depends on how you look at it ladies
what do you think the hecticness of all these people have all of our friends as
they make things happen I don’t got anybody keep these for
thumbnail Jebus James Jebus things have things have heated up so bad they’re
deflecting against each other this is not good I’m sticking to my would you
say one school type stuff a broken saw a blanket a new web link and oak or walnut
blanket we take this man to the world’s greatest barbecue sauce so here we have
the Great East versus West Pollock we have the team G this team hails storage
doctor-doctor nuts listen Janet myself team with the highest score wins do you always put Wes tickles on your
backside who won that first game does it count if we won because we had an extra
player or the was five on five I’m a fair I’m a fair pirate you know you want
to be recorded I do you like being recorded you
officially like when the cameras turned on them how are we gonna beat you guys a
boil we’re gonna do this Mike hi this is pirating and storage auction stalker all
that good stuff welcome back to our Channel
you know we taking them down where we’re not gonna put them on the ground Eagle
one under the ground that’s under the ground it’s eating the one that’s under
the ground we got this it’s going down what if we trip up
what if we can’t rip we can’t rip them in there to stick to throw I got a sword
in the car you got a sword in the car I got a sword in the car Oh baby guns you got a mo hopefully jacket throw a
pair of Westar poles here and get this 17 straight what was that about Weston was not doing
anything right gutter ball mr. gutter ball what I don’t know but I
didn’t get a gutter ball let’s see if George could pick up the spare she beat
us all in the first game on an individual floor look at that your brother needs to watch a tutorial
on how to hit pins he just had a gutter ball yeah but he ran down there and hit
the pins down I saw it sir when you’re trying to rally your
troops you need to lead by example so you got to step up your game if you want
to step up our game just gonna strike again there we go I’m just gonna share
it in a link to Brandon the history on how to blow I’m gonna watch it and I’m
gonna hope you take point of something how are you gonna make it the toy if you
don’t know what you’re doing 70 I have a 76 I got three frames left you want to
on top I still got fine I got six throws left and you know where the same score my only competition right now is Georgia
seams I need four more strikes to beat George
I don’t have it aren’t you right woody you only can do a hundred with Jebus we
can show them how you do on the west coast that’s all I know how to smell use
if they’re winners you can show me do on the west coast just show them how you do it you know
everything well we just scratch that thing and have it scanned in you don’t
even hit the barcode on the bottom is just part of the machine welcome back to
his channel I like him because I’m on his channel I’m gonna be in a winter 120
I was the oddball I had to get an extra 20 but yeah storage stocker
subscribe to my channel let’s do it alright ladies gym there’s no pressure
here it is me verse baby Jebus it is a game of life whoever wins the other
person has to do something very drastic to themselves i won i won he scratched
ladies and gentleman again but the reason why it broke so well is when you
put the balls tight when they’re loose it makes them not scatter everywhere
that was a quick game there was a stupid chance
boos ladies jenna is crazy even though we’re all the way out here on the west
coast and we’re at my they actually have a photo of Jeremy
balding right here and they actually have a photo cheevus bullying this is
David gentleman this is insane that they actually have a photo that’s how good
these guys are here they actually have photos on the west coast of their bowing
skills you and your brother both we have just taken this competition too
far and now we’re just competing and everything possible pretty students go
back with the sweep the room the most you can who could mop the best Jebus
you’re a natural at those balls in your hands I feel like before the other night
will be doing jumping jacks if we do the most jumping jacks we are officially trying to figure out
the algorithm on the punching bag here see guys we figured out we figured out
the algorithm on it