WHATS INSIDE? PAID $1200 FOR STORAGE UNIT !  I bought an abandoned storage unit

WHATS INSIDE? PAID $1200 FOR STORAGE UNIT ! I bought an abandoned storage unit

September 12, 2019 85 By Luis Garrison

ladies and gentlemen boys and girls
pirates of all ages this is your captain speaking we are here in this $1,200 storage unit
we got all sorts of stuff to go don’t know if we’ll get to the trunks and it’s
wonderful just get this back wall got all this you’ll have to say don’t forget
there will be a safe at the end of this shout to my camera woman she’s over
there shout out to my loader she’s over there
that’s salt princess and pepper a hashtag in the comment uh whats up
beautiful salt princess and pepper oh she says hashtag ice princess out when
the no anyway let’s get back to the unboxing oh baby shark do do to do to do
baby stuff to do to do to do baby show that’s for a wet or dry
tourmaline hair Oh reading machine you know about you naturally straight Oh
fine good for my my hair curly maybe someone else
I like Burberry yeah Oh explain to me what this thing is well this is a whip
and this could be used in many different instances some people even for horses
some people use them in personal manners some people use them on their children
when they don’t listen and they tend to do something they’re just like back-sass
in all the time Makayla I got a whip now good she said she’s not
scared huh this is a first ever for me that I found horse feet that is the
first there’s only three of them there’s a three-legged horse movies twice I love this movie right
here we might add this which one’s your favorite why I like out of all of the
series do you have one she was kind of cute anything hmm what’s her name though
something like that this is like oh it’s the Complete Saga yeah I’m a binge watch
them oh yeah that’s a good issued can read it you need to have these looked at Kochi like that um it’s interesting than
most coaches actually has colors the dog training collar still there oh it goes
buzz buzz yeah game Blake holdovers playing all sorts of stuff in this bag
no one’s gonna go through it thanks we’ll save those for you we’ll save
those for you Oh like a doubt they’d already been hoping is it supposed to
have I think they’ve already been out there oh here we go
Oh what is it there we go okay by the way oh my gosh I part I wasn’t according
what say your dapple babbled this is a nice box of brighter horses
that’s a fawn or what they call a baby horse on your fondant dappled speckled
that is huh is it in there don’t you know that I
have 16 cremated remains instead of my storage John Stewart no good enough I’m
fine just get smelly candy sweet seems like it I’ll be good for eBay she’s
gonna fortune mac makeup those are kind of cute Elite no nice Fendi know you’re gonna
cry later we watch the saga yeah you just might Juicy Juice you look a little
crusty perhaps these people got injured sandy
there we go there they’re hiding tommy bahama
doesn’t ah look at that where’s that thing that matches this oh
it’s yeah I do where did we put that damn that’s kind
of cool actually she liked to wear that one yeah it’s very bold well it’s very
easy you wouldn’t read the Twilight books before we get a chance to
Washington gave it actually did read the first one I didn’t read any others without my heart I have your heart oh
you just did I yeah I’ll speak to you but I’m also
targeted yeah everything it’s a Stuart Weitzman
made in Spain that’s actually pretty good jazz marina bouts doing Wiseman do
you know much better I don’t he makes good person yes but I know Charlie
lapsim as well another good purse we got a knock off Louie that would be nice if
that was a real do we have the words Louie’s on it’s just trying to be big this is real money it smells you how
much in Perez purses can go for a hermits purse I think tops out like
200 grand I could be wrong don’t quote me is it Bella fiora this is kind of
cool shopping with my backpack on my arm it’s
not mine I cannot less made purse literally it’s
for going somewhere are you going for the weekend you want to put everything
in your purse you wear that it’s an interesting color Roxburgh okay not bad
we almost had a ferment we almost got two towel towels whoo look at this coach that’s a nice
coach actually yes legit this Michael Kors stepping out back big boot up a
zombie she just bought it for the brand here we have a coach which one a $98
price tag I post you to be our brand you announced that I guess that’s why we
find so much coach Cynthia Rowley where’s Nick do you know about Cynthia
Rowley just looks real though Betsy Johnson I gave up testing all the other ones
officer Grimes Juicy Couture that’s a nicer one English you see what we’ll be drinking I love Lewis Saint wrong and they’re big
correct me it’s not already everything add to me because that way every ounce
will do it feel slugger okay there’s lots of different ways
pronounce with us yes i pronouncing it wrong on purpose in Mexican for Mexicans
or Spanish Spaniards it’d be Louise too hard there is an actual KitchenAid mixer
in there okay you know that’s a hundred dollar bill at least mhm yeah welcome to
my crib you gotta show it off I can always see the welcome part undress it
it’s Christmas Cathy coach I just organized this one
easily taken out horse Couture all right that is about all pretty boxes I thought
was exciting in this unit up this thing is getting full in there we got stuff to
take in for eBay we got stuff I think some stuff for eBay they’re a little bit
personal we still got a safe to open up we got
some trunks that we’ll be opening up at the end of this video as well I think
that box I can’t remember and that’s all of our good stuff there right now so
we’re set we’re loading as separately as we speak